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About Us

Our family hopes to bring an experience to your family that is unforgettable!

Kenny Farms, your ultimate agritainment farm, began in October 2016.  Our family had no idea what was in store for our little farm!  The first year we opened our gates, we were so excited and surprised to see people pulling into our pasture to park and to partake in our farm activities!  After our first year, we made it a goal to continually add an activity or something unique to our farm every year so we could provide a special place for families in NW Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and beyond, without them needing to travel long distances to have an amazing Fall Farm experience!  We pride ourselves in providing the friendliest and most welcoming customer service and hope families feel like they are at their own farm playing!  Family, agriculture and the love of fall is at the center of our farm!  When we add any activity we try to ensure that family members of all ages can enjoy it!  We love seeing families make memories and return year after year!  We hope your family sees and experience the special magic that Kenny Farms brings!  We can't wait to see you at the farm!

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Our Story

Our story is a long one, but a good one!  The owners of Kenny Farms, Jeff and Lori (Grandpa and Grandma) and Jeff and Jennica. (The oldest son and his wife, me) decided to start the farm sort of on a whim!  However, it had been a thought for several years before that.  I (Jennica) did a speech on Agritourism my Sr. year of high school and was familiar with the concept of Agritainment Farms.  In 2015, Jeff and Lori attended a Fall Festival in a Northern state while watching their middle son race his modified race car.  They were so impressed and inspired by that community's fall festival, they returned to Oklahoma with the thought of "Why can't we have something like that in our community?"  They shared their idea with Jeff and me and we were both on board! 


At that time, Lori began searching for unique farm animals to add to the horses and cows already on the family farm.  The first interesting animals she found were the panda or oreo looking, mini cows.  They traveled to Nebraska to pick up these new mini cows. 


Life gets busy and the idea to start the farm/pumpkin patch waned a bit.  However, the idea of the farm came to a full-blown reality when Jeff and I decided to have our daughter, Caroline's, 2nd Birthday Party at the farm.   With an over-the-top Farm Birthday that included a corn box, pony rides, petting farm and inflatables, the farm was on its way to being ready for guests!  The birthday party was in September, and we wanted to open the farm the first weekend of October!  Although, the birthday had started all of the activities in the right direction, there was still a lot of work to be done in order to be ready for guests and the public. 


We used Facebook to advertise the farm and we were amazed at the turnout of people who came out to our first season!  We loved it!  It was very surreal to see something we created bringing so much happiness to children and families!  Our favorite sound was hearing children crying because they did not want to leave the farm!  Our first season, we enlisted the help of any family member we could!  This included other siblings, Memas and cousins.  We could not have pulled it off without their help!  All of our guests loved the farm and gave such great feedback.  We are now on our 8th season


After that first year, we knew we needed to hire more team members to help the farm run smoothly and to keep us from running out of energy.  We now proudly have a team of extended "family" on the farm to help ensure all guests who come to the farm feel like family and leave the farm with the best memories and a whole lot of joy! 


The saying, "You've come a long way, baby!" could not be truer for our farm!  We have learned so much, grown in so many ways and added and changed many elements of the farm to make it the best experience for our guests!  Our story doesn't end here...come to the farm and be a part of our story!


Thank you Sincerely,

Jennica, Jeff, Lori and Jeff

Meet Our Team


Our team changes a little each year.  We have been blessed to have some of the same team members for the past 7 years!  We couldn't do the farm without them.  They are positive, hard-working, and loyal!  They are some of the best people you will ever meet!  We hire a lot of high school students, and we are always sad to see them leave once they graduate.

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